Brake Repairs

in Flore, Weedon and the Nearby Areas | Car Repairs for a Safe Drive on the Northamptonshire Roads

Good brakes ensure fellow motorists and pedestrians remain as safe as possible. Your vehicle may need to stop with little warning, so any issue in the brakes could cause an accident. Here at The Garage Ltd, we do our part to keep you safe on the roads. We often provide brake repairs to customers from Flore, Weedon and the surrounding areas, performing all car repairs to a high standard.

Faults with the brake pads, cylinders, shoes and rotor discs may increase stopping distance and cause further damage to your vehicle – especially given its slower response time. Professional brake repairs and replacement parts will resolve these issues, making your car safer to drive in all weather conditions.

Visit our garage in Weedon or give us a call on 01327 349181. Specialising in car repairs, we can recognise the early signs of a problem and rectify all damage at a competitive price. If you live Flore or any of the nearby towns, we will also inspect your brakes when you come to us for car servicing.

Do Your Brakes Suffer From These Issues?

One of the first things you should look for is the brake light on the dashboard. You might also notice a grinding sound when hitting the brakes, indicating worn-out brake pads. Uneven rotors can cause the steering wheel to vibrate, while calliper problems may result in pulling to one side. A burning smell might also occur after a sudden stop or repeated braking.

Some drivers in the villages around Weedon and Flore come to us for brake repairs when they experience pedal sponginess. In each case, we carry out the car repairs they need both quickly and efficiently. Although the problem may be minor, our team will inspect your braking system thoroughly to rule out a major fault.

An Honest Brake Repairs Service

Our team thrives on its reputation, so we always aim to provide the most courteous and trustworthy service available to drivers from Weedon, Flore and the nearby towns. We are always happy to inspect your brakes, no matter what you feel may be wrong, and will see what must be done to repair or service them at a time to suit you.

Early intervention will save you money on unwanted car repairs and might even prevent an accident, so make sure your brakes receive expert care from a specialist mechanic.

To receive brake repairs from an experienced team serving Weedon, Flore and the surrounding towns, please get in touch on 01327 349181.