Exhaust Repairs

in Flore, Weedon and the Surrounding Northamptonshire Areas

With decades of experience, our team can resolve any exhaust issue with your vehicle’s exhaust system. This makes us the ideal choice for drivers in Flore and the surrounding areas, who need a fast solution at a reasonable price. Based in Weedon, we provide high-quality exhaust repairs for all makes and models, so you can get back on the road quickly, safely and with a high-performing exhaust.

Here at The Garage Ltd, we know our mufflers from our manifolds. We carry out a professional service for the specific repairs you need, fitting suitable replacements with lengthy guarantees. This ensures all fumes escape harmlessly into the atmosphere and may even improve your car’s fuel economy.

Please call 01327 349181 for exhaust repairs from a team in Weedon, serving Flore and the surrounding towns. We work to diagnose exhaust problems in fantastic time, either repairing damage to the gaskets or seals, or fitting new genuine parts – complete with manufacturer warranties.

How the Exhaust Works

Made up of parts like the silencer, catalytic converter, manifold and exhaust pipe, the entire system works in harmony with your vehicle to expel harmful gases. The catalytic converter collects these gases, before removing the most toxic elements such as carbon monoxide. This gas then travels through the silencer and the exhaust pipe, exiting your vehicle both safely and quietly.

Any of these components can experience wear and tear just like any other part, causing your vehicle in Weedon, Flore or the nearby areas to experience any number of issues.

Do You Need Exhaust Repairs?

The silencer (or muffler) helps to keep noise levels at an acceptable level, and even slight damage could make driving around Weedon, Flore or Northampton a noisier task. The catalytic converter might also make a noise if it comes loose, sustaining damage when driving over humps or an uneven road. Further evidence that you need exhaust repairs include splits, rust and reduced fuel efficiency. The latter may arise due to a leak in the exhaust system, forcing your engine to work at a higher temperature.

Hazardous emissions or a leak in your exhaust could result in a failed MOT. We can correct any leaks or rust as part of a robust MOT repair service, when you come to us for car servicing, or on a more urgent basis for your continued peace of mind.

Make sure your exhaust in Weedon, Flore or the nearby towns and villages works as it should by calling us for exhaust repairs on 01327 349181.