Car Repairs

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If your car fails its MOT test, it’s important to remember you’re in good company. In fact, almost 37% of motorists each year experience this very problem, including those in Weedon, Flore and across Northampton. While this proves far from ideal, it’s common enough that a local garage will have the means to restore your vehicle so it passes the next time you visit a testing centre. Although we at The Garage Ltd won’t perform the MOT test itself, we can undertake all car repairs that your vehicle may need.

By choosing our specialists for your MOT repairs, you can sit back and relax while we do the hard work for you. We can manage the process from start to finish, with the relevant pre-MOT checks, so your car from Weedon, Flore or the surrounding areas passes without issue.

Working to the MOT Checklist

An MOT test will involve a multi-point inspection of the various parts of your vehicle in Weedon, Flore or the surrounding regions. Your lights, windows and driver-side mirror must be in good condition, the horn must work properly, the battery should be secured, and the vehicle must be free of steering issues. Over 9% of failed MOTs occur due to faulty brakes, so make sure you visit a garage for brake repairs if you notice a problem.

Responsible for 10% of failed MOT tests, tyres must feature the right rating and tread depth too. Seat belts must also function in case of an accident, and your emissions should fall within the legal limit. Thankfully, we can inspect for all of these issues before your MOT takes place.

Our team provides the necessary car repairs with genuine replacement parts as standard. In turn, you won’t have to spend out on subsequent retests. In this way, our Weedon garage saves customers in Flore and the nearby areas both time and money.

Has your car recently failed its MOT? Please call 01327 349181 for car repairs from an experienced team serving Weedon, Flore and all surrounding villages.