Car Servicing

in Flore, Weedon and the Surrounding Areas | Reduce the Need for Car Repairs With an Annual Inspection

Would you rather avoid a breakdown and car repairs of a large scale? If so, be sure you visit your local garage for annual car servicing. This process ensures you remain safe on the Flore and Northamptonshire roads, no matter the make or model of your vehicle. Here at The Garage Ltd in Weedon, we aid domestic drivers and commercial fleets in need of servicing work. Our team inspects vital areas of your car and can fix all issues at your request.

We currently offer £99 car servicing for vehicles with a 2L engine size or smaller, which includes a full inspection of your vehicle, complete with an oil and filter change

From mirror and tyre checks to interior inspections, we can look over every part of your car for your peace of mind. We also provide MOT repairs to ensure your vehicle in Flore or the nearby areas passes its yearly test.

  • We have a team of fully insured vehicle specialists
  • Our mechanics perform oil and filter changes
  • We also change spark plugs, air and pollen filters
  • You can rely on us for interim and full car servicing
  • Our team comes fully equipped with diagnostic tools
  • We offer dealership-level inspections at a lower price
  • Rest assured that your warranty will remain intact

Please call 01327 349181 for car servicing and any car repairs that your vehicle may need. With a reputation for an in-depth inspection process, we regularly service cars from Weedon, Flore, Northampton and the surrounding areas.

Full and Interim Car Servicing

Your car in Flore or the nearby areas will need servicing every 12 months or after 12,000 miles on the road. Also known as an annual service, this process involves a 32-point inspection, oil and filter changes, and the update to your records for the sake of your car’s warranty. We suggest you bring your car in for an interim service after 6 months or for every 6,000 miles on the road.

Less involved than full car servicing, the interim check gives us a chance to inspect key components and diagnose any developing issues.

Book Your Car in With Us Today

At The Garage Ltd, we can offer everything from annual car servicing and car repairs to simple checks of your interior. Our specialists understand the need for speed and efficiency, and will be more than happy to explain any problems they find in clear terms. Working with the greatest of care, our family-run company is a preferred choice for servicing in Weedon, Flore, Northampton and the neighbouring regions. We offer free quotations, so get in touch without delay.

If you live or work in Weedon, Flore or the surrounding areas, call 01327 349181 to book your vehicle in for car servicing. We undertake any car repairs you may need.